Sink, Shower, and Toilet Modifications HomeSink, Shower, and Toilet Modifications

Sink, Shower, and Toilet Modifications

FedCon/South Bay JV was tasked to modify various water systems for energy conservation.
a. Reduce vanity sink flow rate to 0.5 GPM by replacing existing aerator screens with new low flow rate controls. Retrofit existing faucets by replacing the screw-in tip of the faucet with 0.5 GPM rated flow restrictors or aerators. Contractor shall not exceed more than 3900 flow restrictors/ aerators fixtures.
b. Reduce shower flow rate to 1.75 GPM by replacing existing shower heads with new low flow shower heads. Retrofit existing showers by replacing 2.5 GPM rated (or higher) shower heads with 1.75 GPM rated shower heads. Hose type ADA shower heads are not included in this scope of work. Contractor shall not exceed more than 550 low flow shower heads.
c. Reduce the water usage for flush toilet in the listed facilities. Retrofit existing flush meter toilet with two-stage flush valve. Contractor shall not exceed more than 350 flush valves.
d. All excess flow restrictors/ aerators fixtures, low flow shower heads, and flush valves shall be handed over to the government at the completion of this project.

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