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SWD Compound Paint Outside of Buildings B-127

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to prep, prime and paint the exterior of only building 127 at the 1220 Pacific Highway compound.  Provide all planning, labor, transportation, equipment, supplies, materials and supervision necessary to prep, prime and paint the exterior of all buildings, including exterior stair railings,ladders, louvers, wood door and window frames and any other paintable surface, not including unpainted conduits, mechanical ducts or equipment, anodized aluminum door or window frames. Hazmat testingand possible mitigation of lead based paint or asbestos may be required, depending on the test results.

A. Demolition-

1. Remove all window screens and grates.

B. Construction-

1. Protect all surfaces not to be painted, including parking areas, walkways, HVAC equipment, etc. Install scaffolding as required and/or use scissor lifts or JLG manlifts.

2. Powerwash, prep and repair all deteriorated wood, CMU and stucco surfaces. Paint all siding, louvers, soffits, fascias, trim, etc. Prep all metal surfaces down to bare metal unless it has lead paint. Encapsulate lead paint unless it is flaking off, then remediate using hazmat procedures.

3. Prime and paint all exterior surfaces with two coats of rust inhibiting paint for ferrous metals, use appropriate paint for aluminum surfaces like stair railings and pickets and use suitable acrylic latex for wood, CMU and stucco surfaces.

4. Prep, prime & paint diamond mesh window grates & frames, then reinstall. Prep, prime & paint all doors, all door & window frames, rollup doors, metal awnings, downspouts, exterior surface of doors only. Do not paint aluminum or vinyl/plastic door or window frames.

5. Encapsulate window putty with paint. Do not remove old putty.

C. The project duration shall not exceed 40 days and shall be phased for continual use of each building during normal working hours (0600-1700). Work may be performed before or after working hours or on weekends.

Final Clean-up – Before acceptance and final payment, remove temporary structures and equipment, thoroughly clean and wipe down all surfaces to clear all rubbish, excess materials, and work residue. All work areas shall be left in a neat and presentable condition after the completion of work.



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