Traffic Analysis Study at the Barbour’s Cut Seaport in Houston, TX HomeTraffic Analysis Study at the Barbour’s Cut Seaport in Houston, TX

Traffic Analysis Study at the Barbour’s Cut Seaport in Houston, TX

The Barbour’s Cut terminal C-6 gate was extremely congested with traffic due to increased volume.  The traffic and congestion created an unsafe and inefficient environment for inspecting and processing cargo.  There are currently five primary sets of  RPM’s (Radiation Portal Monitors) located a the roadability area.  There were three secondary RPM’s but inevitably, due to the configuration of C-6, the lanes intersected with no physical traffic controls which resulted in the traffic congestion.

The high traffic volume also contributed to the congestion and had been quantified.  The terminal did not have road guides deployed to help direct traffic.

Federal Construction Group was to assess the traffic congestion, safety, overall efficiency of operations and existing conditions at the C-6 and Consolidated gates and provide accident reports, interviews and additional information regarding specific traffic conditions or safety issues.  We provided three improved operational configuration options for each which improved the safety, efficiency and minimizing of traffic and wait times.  This report included the installation of basic ancillary components such as traffic lights, signage, gate arms and pavement markings.  It also included the develpment of any basic concepts of operating procedures that work independently of the equipment or in combination for relieving the traffic congestion that would improve officer and driver safety and enhance CBP’s ability to track vehicles from the primary to secondary RPM for each location.  The report made recommendations regarding  actions that should be taken to address these issues.  This report also included any other issues, observations or concerns expressed by CBP staff or other stakeholders.


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