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Upgrade Fleet Support Division Facility Bldg. 551

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to upgrade the existing Fleet Support Division Facility, Building 551 in Yermo Annex. The building is currently utilized as a motor vehicle repair shop. This renovation adds new HVAC and insulation for the facility’s improvement. The existing single story steel pre-fabricated facility is 6,000 SF and was constructed in 1990. The facility was constructed without HVAC, insulation, softwater, electrical upgrades, outlets and improvement to the parking lot. The building is inadequate to support the Fleet Support Division and does not meet the current working environment Quality of Life Standards.

A. Exterior Building envelope: Repair any holes within the metal roof to include tighten and sealing all panels and screws and apply Elastomeric Acrylic Rubber Fluid (20 mil), per manufacturer specifications, including material preparation base coats etc. Acrylic should be of the type that will seal seams, holes, and pip penetrations. Existing exterior metal panel wall and roof are damaged and dented. Panels have open holes susceptible to air and water leaks. Provide isolated repair to metal fabric, Install rigid insulation at roof and wall – Provide ceiling and walls with 8 inch and 6 inch batt insulation.

B. Mechanical: A new HVAC system consisting of 4- Evaporative Coolers and 4-propane heaters shall be provided with associated ductwork. Each heater shall require 2- 1000 gallon propane tanks. Because of the extreme hard water that exists in the area, the evaporative coolers shall use water fed downstream from a new water softener system that shall be installed to supply soft water for the entire building. Split system heat pump shall condition the existing office. Restrooms with shower/lockers shall be ventilated.

C. Electrical: The existing electrical service is adequate for the proposed construction improvements in Building 551. The new HVAC load shall be fed from the existing panel board and the contractor needs to install all necessary circuit breakers, conduit and wires to feed the HVAC equipment. Electrical upgrades with the addition of a 50 Amp welding equipment outlet and panel replacement to meet applicable UFC’s and NEC 2014 code. Provide lighting and receptacles for all required spaces.

D. Site: Install protective bollards at roll up doors at both interior and exterior to protect roll up doors from ingress / egress. Site  improvements include 1400 sq. ft of engineered fill (40’ x 35’) to prevent flooding of parking lot flowing into building. Low area in the parking lot shall be filled-in with compacted soil to prevent periodic flooding of combat vehicles that are parked there during rainstorms. The apron in front of the roll-up doors shall be expanded to 40 feet from the building with new concrete paving. Paving and site improvements include parking and engineered fill to prevent flooding of parking lot. Low area in the parking lot shall be filled-in with compacted soil to prevent periodic flooding of combat vehicles that are parked there during rainstorms.

E. Telecommunications shall include the relocation of wall mounted equipment and providing communications cabling to relocated work stations and equipment.

F. Doors: Replace three existing roll-up doors with new insulated doors.

G. Documentation: The project shall provide Technical Operating Manuals on all required systems. Geospatial and other digital data shall be provided as part of the Technical Operating Manual/OMSI documentation for this construction.

H. Provide Site Utility Survey prior to design and construction.

I. Hazardous material: This project includes hazardous material sampling and report.

J. The project incorporates sustainable design features into the design, development, and construction of the project in accordance with Executive Order 13123 and other directives. LEED building certification is not a requirement.

K. ATFP: Based on the occupancy and use, this building falls under Section 1-9 Exemptions of UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings as low occupancy building. Contractor shall verify the code requirement.

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