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Upgrade Lightning Protection System

 The lightning protection system for bunkers 421E and 421M needs to be upgraded to bring the system up to recent standards and codes. The lightning protection for the bunkers were built in 1954 with no major updates or design changes. The existing organizations mission stops when lightning strikes are detected within a five-mile radius forcing personnel to evacuate. See Section 6 for applicable codes, standards, and/or regulations.

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to demo existing outdated lightning protection system at bunkers 421E and 421M.

Design and construct a new lightning protection system to protect bunkers 421E and 421M to include all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supervision and all items necessary.

Design and construct all necessary components of the new lightning protection system to include but not limited to air terminal rods, correctly sized conductors, cables, provide the proper bonds to metallic bodies, ground terminations, and surge arresters.

Meet all applicable codes, standards, and/or regulations in the design and construction phases of subject project.


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