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Upgrade Lights at Various Buildings

Federal Construction Group upgraded the lights for building 02020 and 70134, removing existing lights and providing new lights and occupancy sensor.  The lights were matched as close as possible to the existing fixture types.  In building 02020, no occupancy sensors were needed in the shop area room 101.  The existing switches were not replaced but we did remove a total of fifty-six (56)  existing light fixtures and ballasts and replaced with a total of forty-eight (48)  light fixtures, (2) T-8 lamps and forty-eight (48) integral matching program start NEMA premium ballasts.  In buidling 70134, we removed 143 light fixtures reusing the existing circuits and provided 94 light fixtures 4′-(2)  T-8 lamps to match existing type fixtures.  Rooms 113, 114, 116R and 119R required screw-in CFLs.  Tube protector light fixtures were required anywhere there was no cage around around the actual light fixtures and we extended the existing circuit through the attic space for the new lights in room 116.

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