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Various Repairs Bldg. 02480

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to make repairs to building 02480 to remediate violations in the most recent CNIC inspection.

1. Replace existing wood cabinets and plastic laminate countertops with new plastic laminate cabinets, bookshelf and countertop.

2. Replace all sinks and all associated plumbing.

3. Replace carpet, base and repaint rooms 103B and 107.

4. Replace base and repaint rooms 103A.

5. Replace mineral fiber ceiling tiles in rooms 103A, 103B and 107. Existing suspended grid to remain, provide any necessary repairs.

6. Remove existing exterior electronic marquee sign. Disconnect all power and remove weather station on building parapet. Remove junction boxes and disconnect power at source. Do not abandon wiring in place. Fill holes in exterior CMU block.




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