Various Repairs to Building 11100 HomeVarious Repairs to Building 11100

Various Repairs to Building 11100

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to make various repairs to building 11100 that include:

1. Hazardous Material Abatement. Abatement will include: removal of the asbestos containing window putty on the existing windows, removal of the loading dock bumper coated with lead based paint and replacement with new, removal of lead based window trim paint, and removal of loose and flaky lead based wall paint.
2. Repainting the exterior. Areas to be repainted include: exterior stucco walls, wood trim, existing exterior doors to remain, new doors, fixed ladder with safety cage, stairs, metal entry door enclosure, loading dock ladder, loading dock bumper, building fascia and canopy overhang.;
3. Replacement of the glass for eleven (11) clerestory windows. Remove the glass and putty or glazing compound for all of the clerestory windows and reset all of the glass. Clean rabbets to bare wood and prime prior to reglazing.;
4. Replacement of one (1) personnel swing doors in an existing opening;
5. Replacement of three (3) wood sliding doors with electric motor operated rolling doors.
6. Replacement of four (4) double hung windows in existing openings.

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