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FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to design a staging area which is capable of housing one equipment storage facility, one enclosed administrative building person, one tire storage area, exterior light poles/lighting; a fire hydrant, new motorized truck/trailer entrance, motorized capabiltiy provided to the existing truck/trailer entrance and  a new pedestrian entrance.  The new motorized truck/trailer entrance will cross a natural open storm water channel.  Therefore, it is required that we design the proper support to “bridge” the street to the staging area.  This design will also implement a pass-through culvert within the entrance properly sized to meet applicable storm water code.  We are constructing a new administrative building, approx. 330 F, for use as a small engine repair shop.  This facility will be fully enclosed, framed and insulated.  The space is to be air conditioned and provide lighting and power.  We are also wiring for a land line phone.  The architectural features are compatible with the Fire Station across the street.  A hard-wired heat detector is also being provided with a battery back-up.  In addition, a carbon monoxide detector is being provided in the building.  A minimum of two (2) 120/208 volt outlets are provided to the space.  An addition to the slab will also be required.  The addition to the administrative building is being constructed to provide covered storage for four (4) 3′ x 3′ Halogen tanks.  This “lean-to” will elevate the tanks from the asphalted site and provide an overhang from the admin buildings roof to cover from sun exposure.

photo hydrant riser new hydrant riser photo (31) photo p3 photo 104_1589 104_1590

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