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Federal Construction Group performed slope erosion repairs and prevention at building 41409 by removing existing chain link fencing and steel sheeting surrounding oil water separator and demolishing the abandoned 5000 gallon pre-cast concrete oil water separator.  The demoliton included three (3) concrete lids, 12″ PVC storm drain pipe and existing cleanout vault and associated piping.  Saw cut and removed PCC curb, AC road and PCC cross gutter for installation of new storm water pipe.

We installed new curb extension on the south side of existing inlets.  Excavated, placed and poured a 4″ PCC trench/slab and installed new fence around PCC trench/slab with same  type of material as existing fence.  Installed curb extension/cross section on the north side of existing inlets along with an emergency spillway, cross section PCC curb on two sides of the spillway.  The PCC spillway and curb have #3 steel reinforcement horizontal and vertically placed to the PCC swale at toe of slope.  We excavated a trench for the installation of the new Class IV 18″ RCP storm drain pipe.  The new RCP pipe extended from the most westerly existing grated inlet ot the grated inlet on El Camino Real and Nelson Street intersection, approximately 464 lenial feet.  Placed and compacted Class B bedding material in trench per manufactures recommendation and installed one manhole on new drain line.  We backfilled and compacted the trench to 95% maximum density.  Formed and poured PCC curb and cross gutter to same dimensions as existing, to include reinforcing, where new drain pipe was installed.  PCC cross gutter was 7″ thick.  Patched asphalt roadway to same thickness as existing, where new drain pipe was installed.  All irrigation lines and sprinkler heads removed for drain pipe installation were repaired as needed.  A 12″ x 12″ inlet box was installed with grate, over 4′ drain line at end of the concrete swale at toe slope.  We graded the existing slope from 1′ offset from the fence line at top of slope and placed jute netting, and hydro-seed graded bank areas.  Installed 2 new  fence posts, barb arms, barb wire and chin link fabric and installed a filter insert suitable for oils and metals in the primary grated inlet box.

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