Design Build Repair by Replacement of Fire Alarm System BLDG. 625 HomeDesign Build Repair by Replacement of Fire Alarm System BLDG. 625

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to Repair By Replacement Of Fire Alarm System, Building 625, at MCRD, San Diego, California. The scope of this work includes repairs by replacement of the fire alarm (FA) system for Building 625 located at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego, CA. Most parts of the
existing fire alarm system in building 625 are obsolete and replacements not available, making the FA system noncompliant and unrepairable. The system malfunctions due to short circuits and is susceptible to false alarms. Project will provide an integrated fire alarm and mass notification system capable of notifying building occupants inside the facility.
New fire alarm control panel (FACP) and new interior and exterior (weatherproof) devices such as speakers and strobes, multi-sensor smoke detectors, addressable manual pull stations, new wiring and conduit shall be provided.  Drywall repairs and hazardous materials testing and mitigation incidental to the FA system repair by replacement shall be provided. Demolish the existing fire alarm system.  A building code and life safety code survey of the entire facility to establish the existing conditions’ level of compliance with current IBC and Life Safety Code is required. The survey shall be based on the intended use and occupancy of the facility, and in accordance with UFC 3-600-01.

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