Repair Building 144, Aircraft Fire and Rescue Station on San Nicolas Island HomeRepair Building 144, Aircraft Fire and Rescue Station on San Nicolas Island

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Federal Construction Group was tasked to design-build magazine access improvement to approximately 20 ammunition magazines located throughout Naval Supply Activity (NSA), Crane, Indiana. The project requires the removal of approximately 3.2 miles of railroad track and ancillary components. Upon railroad track removal, Federal Construction must design and build the existing railroad bed and adjacent single lane, gravel roadway to a two lane gravel roadway capable of accommodating commercial truck traffic. Gravel turn-around pads for loading and un-loading processes are to be constructed at each ammunition magazine where rail track components were removed. The design incorporated local Indiana Department of Transportation standards and specifications. Based on the explosive characterization of the magazines, special safety accommodations and planning was involved in order to proceed into the build phase. In addition, we interfaced with various state and government agencies to insure proper execution of our project. Our team incorporated the following agencies within our simultaneous engineering design team – Indiana Department of Environmental Management, United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife and NSA Crane Base Environmental. Based on our design methodology, our team was able to address ‘Waters of the US’, ‘Wooded Owl and Bat Habitat’ and ‘Explosive Safety Survey Plan’ successfully. In addition our scope of work includes the demolition and removal of eleven (11) actuating device buildings and approximately 4,032 sq. ft. of covered passageways, which contained asbestos and lead paint. Lastly, we are also required to demolition a concrete lined sediment pit approximately 10,000 sq.ft. in area.


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