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Federal Construction Group was tasked to repair the damaged monorail electrification system in the hangar bay.  We designed and provided a custom interlocking, fail-safe, control system that would automatically prevent the operation of the monorail switch when the hoist is located in the proximity of the switch and would shut down the hoist/trolly when the monorail switch was operating.  We painted the bottom of the monorail with a high visibility, bright color to indicate any areas in which the hoist must not be parked.  The existing monorail and structural steel was painted with lead based paint. Any welding or drilling to the monorail or structure was in conformance with AWS D14.1, Specification for Welding Industrial and Mill Cranes and Other Material Handling Equipment.  At the end of each work day, we swept the floors in and around the work areas, removing all construction waste paying close attention to all metal objects including hardware and shavings.  All design, construction and testing of the monorail/switch system complied with UFC 3-320-07N, Weight Handling Equipment, and Section D10, Conveying, of Part 4. Upon completion of work on the monorail/switch system, we performed operational, no-load, testing of the crane.

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