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Federal Construction Group installed two (2) radiation protal monitors (RPMs) at Freeport Terminal, Freeport, TX.  The scope of work included the installation of the booths, installation and erection of heavy steel enclosures, metal fabrications, concrete foundations, electrical conduit, wiring, and communication networks and termination of all power connections.  Termination of all low voltage/communication/fiber with the exception of RPM control box, Radiation Sensor Panels (RSPs) and annuciator wiring.  We unpacked, installed/mounted, and connected/terminated all booths located furnishings, hardware and electronics. Furnished and installed all conduits, wires, boxes, switches, light fixtures (with lamps), receptacles, service devices, and panel boards required for a complete and operational electrical system. The electrical drawings were diagrammatic and did not show all offsets, bends, fittings, juctions, boxes, pull box and expansion fittings required to meet field conditions and we had to detemine actual material and hardware requirements and supply as needed.  The technical work included trenching for electrical power and signage, concrete foundations for RPMs, booth and bollards, assembly of heavy steel RPM enclosures and providing electrical power and signal cable and equipment.  We installed government furnished booth and equipment, concrete traffic barriers (K-rails, jerseys), signage and pavement markings, and professional engineering or testing services as necessary and dictated by drawings, specifications and local codes.  The construction involved installation of two RPM portals and one booth.  Each installation was designed and constructed to facilitate local operation.  The equipment was installed in operational traffic lanes.  Construction activities  required close coordination with port operations staff to minimize any operational impact while ensuring the safety of construction staff.  This required a substantial percentage of the construction activiites to be performed during off hours and on weekends.

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